Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sustained weight loss - is Gym a false Trail?

A low impact discipline like Yoga or Chi Gung can be better for long-term health gains than just attending the Gym. The mix of stress lowering mindfullness and improved cardio-vascular circulation is a big part of the difference. Another point that's often overlooked though, is that 2 or three times during the working day, we can take time out to do a quick, calming sub-routine from Chi-Gung or Tai Chi. The moves lower stress, and restore better breathing. There is no need for equipment, and we can go into the stairwell, or the printer area if we need a quiet moment to ourselves. Tara Stiles has written more about this and attached a video:
People need and want to lose weight, and being drawn into the practice of yoga by the lure of a tight tummy is often stronger than the lure of being more in touch with yourself. The big secret in my message is: there is no difference between being in touch with yourself, living a healthy life, and maintaining a healthy weight. If "Tone my butt" gets you on the mat, then I'm fully prepared to tone my butt right along with you.

Yoga brings you back to you. It is entirely experiential. People wonder how can a bunch of low impact activity lead to weight loss? Well, for starters attending a yoga class, or carving out a home practice that brings you to your edge and challenges you physically, will burn calories, blast fat, and tone everything up without harming your joints. But that's only part of the equation. I've gone through piles of modern research that is starting to catch up with what has always been true. In short, yoga works.

A regular yoga practice leads to a healthy body and mind. You will lose the weight, keep it off, and not feel like you are punishing yourself. We've been brainwashed that poisonous foods are fun to eat. When you have a regular yoga practice you'll be drawn to eat foods that are healthy and promote a healthy lifestyle. And the best part ... you'll actually enjoy them without feeling deprived. By contrast, a good gym workout might do very little for weight loss, instead leading us to eat more (often unhealthy) food. A recent New York TImes Magazine article titled "Weighing the Evidence on Exercise" points out that exercise alone is "especially useless because people often end up consuming more calories when they exercise." So we need something more than the gym. Maintaining a healthy weight isn't a vanity issue, it's a health issue. And your health should be a priority.

Tara Stiles: The Real Deal Weight Loss Plan (VIDEO)
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