Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Photos

Christmas Dinner 2008

An Australian Christmas. Prawns, Oysters, roast.

My Introduction to Guitar Hero

The Hobson kids introduce me to Guitar Hero.

Christmas Breakfast 2008

A nice quiet start to the day.

Andre Ben Christmas 2008

Now this is what Christmas decorations should look like. I like the special Christmas Room.

Marianne managing her outlet

Marianne managing the TS14 concession December 2008.

I thought Blondes were anaemic

Ads that are just wrong .. but we luv 'em anyway. I still haven't touched the beer tho.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Clean Feed- the answer to all

Once the clean feed is implemented this post will be one of the first to be banned - I can see that. (NSFW). I rather hoped that Mr Rudd would kill this. Clean feed is really causing us an image problem abroad. It's good to have a closer relationship with China, not so good to have their censorship model. How many children will die once we start censoring unpleasant information like Melamine contamination. (Don't you worry your head about that - as Herr Bjelke used to say). We have so much to thank Queensland for.

SCYWO playing Pirates of the Caribbean

The South Canberra Youth Wind Orchestra playing Pirates of the Caribbean. A great favourite with crowd and Orchestra alike.

Slideshow from SCYWO Floriade 2008

Floriade is an Annual outdoor flower festival. The South Canberra Youth Wind Orchestra was there to add some class.
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Lunch at Murni's

Murni's restaurant has been a fixture in Ubud for decades. It is a brilliant location cascading down a river bank near a main bridge. We might look a little tired by the time we got here, but what a wonderful way to relax.

SCYWO Playing the Cartoon Collection

The Cartoon theme collection from the Weston Concert - South Canberra Youth Wind Orchestra.

Titisan in Ubud

The owners of the Titisan Gallery are such lovely people. They have a Gallery in Sanur and one in Ubud. This video is from the Ubud one. Enjoy.

Popiler Batik Gallery

The Popiler Batik Gallery has grown on us over time. On the one hand it caters for tourists so the prices are higher, and there is an element of 'just for show'. However, we keep going back because the work is really god quality, the cloth doesn't shrink and they make Western sizes (in my case read 'large'). Just look at the hand finishing and detailed work though, and this puts the price into some perspective. Great place to visit.

The partner shop to Titisan

This shop is owned by Murni's daughter, but I can't remember the name of the shop. I'll update once we find it. Just ask at Murni's or if you are using Connie and Made as driver they know where it is. The owners are lovely people, and it is worth a visit just to see the wonderful collection.

Balinese temple

This is a Balinese temple we visited on the way to Ubud. Now for the confession .. I can't remember what it is called. We are writing to Connie to get an update. I just had to get these shots because the overgrowth looks so 'Indiana Jones' on what is a working temple.

Year 10 Formal Preparation and Reception

The preparation and pre-Formal drinks for Year 10 CGGS. I must point out that we served the underage folks a non-alcoholic 'bubbly' with a pink tinge so we could tell who was drinking what.

SCYWO Playing the Queen Collection

The South Canberra Youth Wind Orchestra playing a selection of Queen tunes in a concert in Weston. Great audience participation.

Merici College Playing at the SCYWO Concert 2008

I got to the South Canberra Youth Wind Orchestra Concert in Weston in time to record the Merici College Orchestra. The conductor/teacher really loves working with the students. They started with Fiddler on the Roof.

SCYWO Entrance and playing Ode to Joy

Some people like seeing the Orchestra walk in and set up. Mission accomplished!

SCYWO Playing Les Miserables

Part of the Concert by the South Canberra Youth Wind Orchestra playing at Weston. This is a selection from 'Les Miserables'.

Year 10 Formal Preparation and Reception Photos

The preparation photos. Note that sometimes the page needs to be reset to start the show - click on the title of this item (Year 10 Formal..).

... and then there was the arrival and pre-departure drinks...
I feel obliged to note that the pink 'bubbly' was non-alcoholic. Don't our girls 'scrub up' well? Very proud.
Arrival at the venue was by luxury hand-made Bus. Fully recyclable with a low carbon footprint.